Factors When Considering an Uncontested Divorce

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Divorces are notoriously expensive and time-consuming. However, there are multiple ways to proceed with a divorce, and some are more costly than others. If you’re hoping for a cheap divorce in NY, an uncontested divorce will help keep the costs down. Here are some factors that determine if this route is best for you.


If you and your spouse share young children, you’ll need to agree on the arrangements to pursue an uncontested divorce. Custody arrangements are one issue at hand. You’ll have to know how often each of you will have the children and how parenting responsibilities will be shared. Additionally, child support payments must be determined. If you or your spouse will owe support, you’ll both have to agree to the duration of payments as well as the amount. Uncontested divorces are more feasible if there are no young children involved.


If a couple shares assets such as real estate, vehicles or retirement, all of these things will be divvied up during the divorce. The more substantial the assets, the more complicated things could potentially be. If you are considering an uncontested divorce that includes asset division, you should consult an attorney. If a couple tries to distribute assets without legal help, one person may unwittingly sacrifice his or her rights and wind up in avoidable financial distress. There may also need to be an actuary involved if you have assets that need determinations of value.


If there is existing debt, there may be disagreements about who is responsible. Without intervention, these debts will naturally fall on both parties. If you feel that you shouldn’t be held responsible for your spouse’s credit card debt, for example, you will both need to agree to proceed with an uncontested divorce. If you can’t agree, then a contested divorce may be your only option.

Uncontested divorces are not suitable for every couple, but it is an option worth considering. If you and your spouse can agree on key items, there is no need to pay excessively to transition out of the marriage.