Which Notary Should You Choose?

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Whether you are looking for a notary for one event or regular business affairs, you need to find the right one. Your options range from the local public official to private businesses. Here are some things you should consider to narrow down your choices so you can find the best fit.


Most states require that notaries file necessary documentation and pay associated fees to become qualified. A few states even require that applicants take courses on how to provide these services. Check with your local agency to make sure that any potential candidates have the proper credentials.


While your candidate doesn’t need to be trained in your needs, finding someone with similar experience is always a bonus. Notaries typically display their credentials and specializations on their websites, so be sure to check these out. Then, you can find someone with the right background to meet your needs.


If you’re using this person more than once, you want to think about the location of their offices. The time and gas it takes to travel to an office detract from your routine and productivity. Finding an office nearby your business or home will give you the ease of access that makes you more productive and improves your bottom line. If there is no office nearby, consider a professional who offers mobile services.

Professional Associations

Many local, state, and national professional associations have membership options for notaries. These ensure that their members uphold a certain standard by mandating certain training, work hours, and continuing education courses.

It is important to find the right service for you. These are just some of the factors you should consider when trying to find an office that meets your needs. Remember to use these to weed out the bad candidates and focus on the good options.