How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce

Whoever wants to get a divorce has to wait for several months, but also to prepare a large sum of money for attorney’s fees and court fees according to family law firm ottawa. Unless it is a consensual divorce.


If it is not agreed, the divorce lasts for months


How long the divorce lawsuit will last depends on whether it is a consensual divorce or there is no agreement between the spouses. If the married couple has children together, the opinion of the center for social work is obligatory, and it can take up to six months.However, if there is no consent, the will and procedure are conducted at the request of one party, more evidence is presented, custody is decided, the amount of alimony, and this can take more than six months.


The court fee for filing an amicable divorce is fixed and it is divided into two parts, so the spouses pay it in half. In case there is a joint property, the price of verifying the signature on the agreement is determined according to the official tariff of the notary, which is estimated in relation to the values ​​of the property. The court fee for filing a lawsuit for divorce is also fixed.


Divorces can also end with a notary, and it is very important that it is a consensual divorce. It all depends on whether only property or child custody is shared, which prolongs the examination process at the Center for Social Work and other institutions to the child would be entrusted to the parent.


But the divorce can be completed in a month too. However, if the property is divided and custody of the children is determined, then the divorce lawsuits are extended for up to eight months.


The average marriage lasts between 10 and 15 years. According to psychologists, the reasons for divorce are mainly disagreements, financial problems and emotional distancing of the partner. Marriages that last shorter, say up to five years, usually end in divorce if the couple could not have a child during that period.


What to do if you are in an unhappy marriage, but you are afraid to leave? What if you know things aren’t going to get better and you just keep going, letting your days go by like that? What if, deep down, you know you are married only for others, not for yourself?


Obviously, you have to make a decision to stay or leave. And you may make the best decision if you answer the following questions for yourself, as honestly as possible.


Accepting fear is an important step in overcoming it – it is not a simple step, but it is important.


If your marriage is toxic in any way and you know you need to leave, it’s important to prepare for it. But first, it’s important to recognize those signs that your marriage is over, yes you could go on and find happiness again.

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